Teams & Leagues Program

The Canadian Icehouse, in tandem with The Canadian Brewhouse, is proud to offer a unique (and free) opportunity for adult sports teams with the Teams & Leagues program.

Whether your team is celebrating a big win or just looking for a place to refuel after a game, we’re there for you through thick and thin… and hunger. The program provides exclusive deals, support for fundraising efforts, and team party hosting opportunities.


Every player in the program will receive a FREE daily food offer and access to our Team Tankard pricing during their season. Membership to the Teams & Leagues Program is managed through our Rewards app, which means you’ll never lose your membership card!


Every team will receive a Pasta Dinner voucher. This voucher allows the team to enjoy a pasta dinner for up to 20 people. Some restrictions apply. 


We want to make your season a memorable one! Win or lose, we are here to help you celebrate and have a great time. Whether you are hoping to raise some money to pay for jerseys or just want to kick-off the season with some gusto, we can help you with that. When you enroll in the program, we will run you through our fundraising and party packages. Looking for fundraising opportunities for a youth team? Email! Youth teams who host their fundraisers with us can qualify to receive a voucher for a Youth Pizza Party!

Monetary Sponsorship & Donations

At The Canadian Icehouse our regulars are at the heart of what we do and when possible, we love to say thank you by giving back! 

If you are interested in having the Canadian Icehouse sponsor your team, whether youth or adult, please reach out and talk to the management team. 

Please note: Donations or gifts-in-kind for fundraising events being hosted at venues other than The Canadian Icehouse, or Canadian Brewhouse locations, are not available. 

Sign Up your Team or League

If you are part of an adult recreational or competitive sports team or league, and interested in learning if your team qualifies for the program, complete the form below and we’ll get back to you with more information on how we can get you started. We know you’ll think the program is a home run! 

Please note: This program is run in tandem with The Canadian Brewhouse and utilizes The Canadian Brewhouse Rewards app. All offers are available across the brand at eligible CBH locations and The Canadian Icehouse. 

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